` About Naveed Malik

About Naveed Malik

Naveed was born in the northern part of Pakistan. The Lord opened his spiritual eyes in 1984. The journey of his spiritual life is full of miracles. In academic education he holds a BA Degree, Bachelor In Arts. For religious study he attended (ZBI) Zarephath Bible Institute in his home land. He graduated in 1987 and received a diploma in Theology. For further education he earned a Bachelor of Theology Degree from Open Theological Seminary in Pakistan.

After his graduation, the Lord led him to minister with a Baptist Church in a great Pakistani city called Karachi. In 1992 the Lord gave him a vision to reach the un-reached of his home land with the Gospel of Power. He started a Bible Correspondence Institute which goes by the name “New Life Institute.” As a translator he has translated more than 40 books. As an author he has written 12 books. He is a good preacher and teacher.

He translates for very famous men and women of God in live programs such as Peter Youngren, Sammy Tippet and Marilyn Hickey. From time to time he speaks on national television as well. He is “a great heritage” of the Church. He has traveled to share his testimony in a few countries in Asia. He has received 38 shields and awards from various Churches.

New Life Institute began in 1992 through the vision of a handful of people burdened for Karachi’s unreached population. City-wide literature distribution had led to a great demand for follow-up with responsive people. After much prayer we moved into the central place of our city where the work of meeting people through Bible Correspondence Courses was begun.

He says, "I am waiting for a greater reward which will be given to me by our Heavenly Father." He is a well-known person. The author is also a poet in two main languages of his land. Some of his teaching and preaching messages are available on video CDs. Presently he is principal of New Life Institute. He is a very talented man. He always says that this is all for the Glory of God Almighty. Presently he is the Principal of New Life Institute.