Welcome To The New Life Institute

New Life Institute is a ministry committed to helping people through various means to find new life in Christ Jesus and grow in grace. New Life Institute’s ministry focuses on reaching the nation with the Gospel of Power. Scriptural inspiration for New Life Institute is: “Should I not be concerned about that great city?” Jonah 4:11b (NIV).

Through the contact developed by means of Bible Correspondence Courses, God opens doors to speak about the Lord Jesus. Counseling needs in the lives of the students present many opportunities for sharing the Gospel. The Lord is further opening people’s hearts through individual discipleship and through fellowship meetings. God’s grace is evident in changed lives. The on-going vision is for our students to come to understand their place in the body of Christ and gather in fellowship with culturally appropriate forms of worship.

How Did New Life Institute Come To Exist ?

New Life Institute began in 1992 through the vision of a handful of people burdened for Karachi’s unreached population. City-wide literature distribution had led to a great demand for follow-up with responsive people. After much prayer we moved into the central place of our city where the work of meeting people through Bible Correspondence Courses was begun.

Pioneers Of New Life Institute

Men of God, the men of prayer, who felt it was their divine call to start this great and important ministry in co-operation with Naveed Malik. A few of them are now with the Lord, some of them are serving the Lord in other fields, and others are still here in this great city who pray for, support and encourage the key person who is in the fist line of this spiritual battleground. These men are the ones who have written the history of New Life Institute. Praise the Lord for those who are with the Lord and may all others live long wherever they do the work according to their divine call.