Courses Available

We have three Courses. Our first two Courses are only for seekers of the truth. They write us a letter and then we send them lessons by correspondence. Our third Course is only for Christian believers to help them know how to answer the questions of our friends and how to effectively communicate with them.

According to 2 Timothy 2:2 and 1 Peter 3:15, God has given me a great vision to teach, train, preach and equip believers through what I have learned in my past. So I prepared a Course to teach Christian believers and especially the youth how to share our hope in Christ Jesus with our friends, how to answer their questions, and what kind of language or terminologies we should use. I also give some challenges to my students.

My Course requires 18 to 20 hours so I teach for three months at one place for 2 hours a week. After completion of my Course I award certificates to our students. I have taught in several local churches as well as in various cities. Believers are blessed and they have very wonderful testimonies after completing this Course. The Lord has used me to prepare hundreds of evangelists to reach the nation with the Gospel of Power.

Are You Interested?
If you are Church leader then you can make a plan and contact us. We are ready to come and teach in your Church wherever you are around the world. No distance is too far for our Lord God to reach. To make the most of this Course, you should invite as many students as possible. The teachings are as useful for hundreds as they are for one person. Remember this course is for only born again believers.

If you are in any other city or nation then you can arrange for a three day seminar. My course can be completed in three days, but it is essential to carefully plan with me as scheduling depends upon when I am available.

You should plan to take responsibility for providing an indoor place for the classes. We don’t allow any sound system, video camera or audio recordings. The taking of still photos is allowed.

Your Church or organization should take responsibility for my stay and return ticket. Personally I don’t ask for any money. If the Lord will provide through any other means then I would not be burden for you, but I don’t want you to hold back your blessings.

You are most welcome to write and e-mail and ask for further details. Thank you.