A Daughters Of The Church’s Sharing Her Testimony
(Name And City Is Not Included Knowingly).

I am principal of City School. I haven't met you personally but I have read your booklet “ Daughters Of The Church. ” I was raised in a Christian family and I was a traditional Christian and member of a traditional church. I had fallen in love with a man who was not from Christian background. For six years he was convincing me to follow his religion. I was at the edge of accepting that challenge. I was ready to leave my family and Christ as well. So a man came from Karachi and brought this small booklet for me. I have gone through it and it has changed my life's direction instantly within a few minutes. By reading this book, the Holy Spirit challenged me to come back right now. “Don't take any further step otherwise you will be in a bottomless pit.”

I gave my heart to Jesus at that moment and now I say to the same person, “If you love me then you have to receive Christ as your personal Savior. I will not follow you but you have to follow me.”

The person says to me, “What happened to you? For 6 years you were saying you would accept my religion and now what happened to you?” My answer to that person is: “At that time I was blind but now I can see. I can't come out of the Kingdom of Light into the Kingdom of darkness. I am satisfied here where I am religiously.” Please pray for me to be firm in my faith and grow day after day.