By Pakistani Christian Friends Working In The UK
(Justin, Ashir And Fellow Workers) All Three Friends Made A Phone Call And Said......


Dear Pastor,

We have received your VCDs brought by Brother Samson Javed as a gift for us from Faisalabad , Pakistan . We thought these VCDs were just normal VCDs like we already watch here because here in England we have a lot of Christian material.

One day we thought to watch one of your VCDs. From the very first few sentences it was so interesting, catching our attraction in a mighty way so that we left everything at our home to watch this VCD. The title was "Jesus Son Of God." This was already a big question in our minds as "How is Jesus the son of God?" is asked by many or our Muslim friends. After watching this VCD we were tempted to watch it again and again. During your lecture we were encouraged and equipped to answer to our M friends in a proper way.

One of our friends was privileged to show these VCDs on "Wonderful TV" and on a few other channels here in London . Hundreds of people watched these VCDs because there are many Urdu speakers from Asia . We received a great and unexpected response from our Muslim friends who watched these VCDs.

We appreciate your work and ministry. We pray for you and encourage you to keep on doing this good job. Many people here in the UK pray for you. These VCDs are not only an equipping tool for Christians but they enable them to answer our M friends in a proper way.

Your brothers from London.