By A Believer From Lahore
Javed Masih


A Muslim guy asked me about the hope of our faith and the reason why we are Christians. I didn't know how to answer this guy. I talked with a lot of pastors but wasn't satisfied. According to the Lord's appointed time I was at my friend's house and he asked me to view a video message. So I watched it and I booked an order for the video messages and books of Naveed Malik. After going through all, now I know where I am standing and why I am a Christian.

Then I went to see my Muslim friend again. After our discussion I gave him the videos and a few books written by Naveed Malik. Now my friend has decided to follow the Way, the Truth and the Life. Heleloya."

By the way, this M friend made a phone call to me. He was very happy about his decision. I encouraged him and referred him to some of my friends in his city.