By A Christian Barber
In Karachi Who Says


A religious leader of our friends came to my shop. He was upset, depressed and under anxiety. After asking him the reason he responded, "I have not any child after 8 years of our marriage and I try my best to find job for me and I fail. Now I am totally hopeless and even we, a husband and wife, eat only once a day." I told him, "Meet Jesus and He will hold your hand. But first, if you are ready, then I can take you to one of our friends and he will counsel you.

Both came to my (Naveed Malik's) home after making an appointment. I took the time to talk with this depressed man according to the Word of God and then I prayed for him. Before he left he said, "I never found this kind of satisfaction and peace as I have found today by talking with you." I had tried my best to encourage him not to be discouraged. Finally I presented him the Bible, a few books of mine and a few videos. Pray for this seed to grow instantly by the power of the Holy Spirit.